Religion has done everything it can to completely annihilate the purpose of the Holy Spirit. But scripture describes the Holy Spirit as a good gift

God intends to fill us entirely with His Spirit when we ask Him. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and helper and He is vital in our lives as believers. Terminology aside, it is openly allowing the Spirit of God himself to function in us and through us as He intends. It is only through this infilling that we are empowered to effectively live the life he has called us to, with power and boldness.  

He also enables us to pray the perfect will of God through our very own prayer language, or tongues, and in doing so, we are strengthened and better equipped to serve. The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth and He will show us the intended purpose knit specifically for us, He is our lifeline to the heart of God.

This is not what many have heard,  but as with anything presented to you, challenge what you believe...don't just take man's word or experience as truth, what does scripture say? Where does it say that's passed away or not for today? What does God have to say about it?

We must remember, there is an enemy that works night and day to keep us from truth, his desire is that none of us have any good gifts from God. If he can't keep us from heaven, he will try do his bet to keep us confused, weak, and ineffective for the purposes of God. 

In these last days it is VITAL to be operating in the power and authority given us by Jesus Christ himself. This is no time for religion, but rather for the people of God to rise up in His power and authority to accomplish His will on the earth! 

If you are ready to receive this good gift from God, you can do so through a prayer like this 

Father, please fill me now with your Holy Spirit and help me to understand His power and intended function in my life. I will allow Him to empower me to obey you, lead me into my unique purpose and equip me with the boldness needed to carry it out. In Jesus' name Amen.