g.a.t. project

G.A.T. (go and tell) Project exists to spread the true gospel to the world. This generation is hungry for hope...desperate for someone to share the truth with them. They are hurting... they are lonely.....and each of us come in contact with them every single day. An effective gospel presentation is one of love, because love prepares the heart for the seed of the gospel to be planted. Unfortunately we are living in a world where many are scared by the threat of hell into accepting Jesus and thus never really understand the love of God and the ramifications of what following Jesus really means.  

The cards are easy to leave anywhere, some of my favorites are in card readers at gas stations or bank atms, with your check at a restaurant (please don't if you're a lousy tipper) or by handing out personally. I have often given them out in the drive thru after buying for the person behind me in line, which serves as a two for one as the employee is generally touched by this also. The idea here is to be blessing, to not just tell of His love, but to be that love to others. 

We have recently added door hangers to our sharing tools for those who would like to hit up your neighbors or maybe even invade your entire city!

We were sent here to invade our culture with the truth. As believers we are instructed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. So if you've been wondering what your specific purpose is, why you were created, then I would start here, by doing what He has called all of us to do. 

We don't charge for these tools, our heart is to go and tell and for you to do the same. So please fill out the form below and we will gladly send you some tools so you may begin (or continue) your G.A.T. journey. All that we ask is that you request as many as you are willing to give out.