...the truth about God

The character of God is the most vastly misunderstood in the entire universe. God is love and He can do nothing outside of loving the people He created. God is good, but it's only when we submit ourselves to Him that we can begin to see His goodness in our lives. His love is no different than any parent for their child, it is unconditional, but with it there is also correction and expectation, not out of harshness or mere lordship, but out of a true understanding of what's best.  So please, read on as we answer some of life's most significant questions, uncover the true character of God, challenge some of the church's oldest teachings, and discover the true meaning of life.

Does God Love
Me ?

 YES!! He loves you in a way you will never fully understand. He created love and it is the very essence of who He is. He knows you better than anyone else in this world ever could, loves you more than anyone else could dream of.  Regardless of who has let you down or disappointed you, please know He never will. You may not always understand, but trust Him, He always has your best interest at heart. Allow God to love you the way He intended, right where you are, for who you are, His love is never contingent on what you do.  

Can God Forgive Me?


There is nothing too great for God's forgiveness. Nothing could ever change the love He has for you. No "thing" in your life should keep you from experiencing His presence within it. He doesn't expect perfection out of you. Draw near to Him, ask for His forgiveness and let Him take care of correcting the areas in your life that need it. You may come just as you are, but when you pursue Him with all of your heart, your life will never be the same!

born for a reason and by seeking God diligently, He will reveal that purpose to you. There is no greater joy than knowing your very reason for  being that you were born for this moment to carry out an incredible plan knit specifically for you. Your gifts and talents are intertwined within your purpose. By using what He has placed within you, you can share His love with others in the unique way he created you to.

Why am here?

God created you on purpose. Every trait, talent and ability was strategically placed within you as He formed you in your mother's womb.You were

Mankind was innately created to commune with their Creator. That emptiness you feel from time to time, it is a deep-rooted need that can only be completely filled  by God. The problem with   this is, so often this void He was meant to fill, is filled instead with artificial, temporal pleasures, which only leave us empty and broken.  His love and purpose is the only true source fulfillment in your life.

Why do I feel so
What does God really want for  

 The best ...in everything. People wrongly assume God's character is very different than that of those he created. The truth is, we were  made in His image. We too are spirit beings that happen to be

living in bodies while we live on the earth. And just as we want good for our loved ones, he wants good for ... in all things. He cares so much for you and wants you to be blessed in every area of your life. This includes your finances, your marriage, your job, your health, protection for you and your family, peace in your mind, anything that pertains to your life here on earth. There is nothing going on with you that God and His Word can't fix. The will of God is and has always been wholeness in everything. God is a loving father and He is truly good...all the time!

Does God still Heal?

It's interesting those that will take something from the Bible and simply explain it away. The truth is Jesus used to heal, we can all agree on that, so to say that he doesn't anymore is like saying somewhere along the way He changed. Somewhere, somehow, the Word changed.Jesus went about doing good and healing ALL (not some) that were under any kind of power of the devil, this includes sickness in their body and in their mind. And He wants to do the same today.  When Jesus died he purchased healing for us all. God never changes and His will never changes. He is just waiting on us to believe what He said.

But isn't 

 the root of all evil?

No! What the Bible actually says is that the love of money is the root of all evil. God doesn't mind us having money, He just wants us to keep money in it's proper place, He doesn't want it to have us. To believe that it isn't the will of God for His people to have money, is like saying He doesn't want us to eat, or to be clothed, or to share the gospel (because all of these take money). Poverty is under the curse(Deut. 28)  from which Jesus redeemed us from (Gal. 3:13).His plan is for us to seek Him first and let Him add to us as our primary source. He knows you have needs and obligations, and it is His full intention to help you with them, if you will put Him first in your life. The purpose of financial blessing is so we can share His love and be a blessing to others.  

Why do Bad Things happen?

 Death and destruction...lack and emptiness, none of that was by God's design, He created a perfect world. There is an enemy that roams throughout the earth causing evil. The bIble calls him the "god of this world" and he looks to blind people from the truth, even if it's with something else that may appear true. But, unfortunately ...when bad things happen, you will hear mutterings that it must have been the will of God (like He is a puppet master that initiates absolutely everything). This just isn't so. Sin alone escorted all of the bad into the world, not God.  God created good, not bad. If you want to know the will of God, you will find it tucked within His Word. Search it out for yourself, don't so easily trust what someone else may have to tell you, find out what He has to say. The Bible is His love letter to you, it will help you know Him better, understand his character, and open doors that allow you to hear directly from Him. 

Why is the Church full of

 Hypocrites exist... and yes, I can understand you being turned off by them because we all are. But let's lay it out this way...say you decide you're going to get in shape and start running, you buy new running shoes and embark on your journey to better health. Along the way you may meet people that have all the proper "gear" for running, they shop in all the right stores, know all the lingo, they enter every race, but you soon learn they never show up

to any of those , and more disappointing still, you learn they have never run a day in their life. Does this cause you to hang up your running shoes? Are you so furious at their lie that you allow it to change your course? Are you willing to sacrifice your own betterment because of their poor choices? Of course not... please don't judge God by the religious fronts put on by others, don't let their hypocrisy determine your eternity. "Posers" can be found on every corner, but there are people ...people that truly love Him and serve Him, both out in the open and behind closed doors. He will bring people such as these into your life to help you along, if you just let Him.

Is the  Power of God Real?

Yes, but religion has quenched the source. People have mocked the Holy Spirit, ignored Him, and made every excuse as to why God's power, that the Holy Spirit makes available, is not for today, but the opposite is actually true. The power of God is needed to walk out this life we are called to. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is

  to lead and  you into God's perfect plan for your life and empower you to do it. Even Jesus did not begin His earthly ministry until He was filled with the Holy Spirit. Allow the Spirit of truth to fill you, to take over, and reveal who God really is to you. I promise He will take you to greater places than you ever imagined, if you will allow Him.

Hell ?
What About 

 It was never meant for you, it was created for Satan. God created a paradise for man and wanted nothing more than to commune with him one on one. Man's rejection of His instruction set the stage for his own eternity and created the need for a Savior (which He sent, by the way). And the same goes for today, man's blatant rejection of God's instruction and of Jesus Christ will seal his fate to a place never intended for him in the first place. God is not sending people to hell, it's a choice that every man has to make for himself. 

I've had my fill of Religion

God didn't create religion,  didn't send Jesus so you could have it. At the very core of His vision for His church is relationship, through Jesus,  in which you can be directed by His Spirit. It was never meant to be solely a set of rules or regulations for you to follow. He desires a closeness with you, one where there is mutual trust and communication. And please don't buy into the ridiculous claims that He is angry or mean, or out to get you, or idly standing by causing all of the disasters that he seems to get blamed for...many portray God in a way that seems entirely judgmental, condescending, or harsh, but trust me, they don't really understand the depths of who He is. The truth is he desires fellowship with you, to love you and for you to return that love to Him.