Life can throw us for a loop at nearly every turn. Even the mundane every day can often find us struggling for a reason to get out of bed in the morning. And when chaos surrounds, many will find themselves crippled with fear. In that case, I have something very, very important to share with you...THERE IS HOPE! HOPE... for your finances. HOPE...for healing in your body. HOPE...for your marriage. HOPE... for protection for your children and family. HOPE...for our country! But this kind of hope is connected to THE TRUTH, not merely a belief-system,  not someTHING..but someONE. The God of the universe not only sees you right now, but He loves you, and He is calling out to you in these seemingly uncertain times with this critical message of hope. He wants you to know His love in this moment, His Peace, and His mercy.  He has a plan and purpose for you and it includes all of His goodness. 

But you aren't good enough to deserve any of this on your own. We have all sinned, and our spirits need to be changed to be alive again unto God. Once sin entered the world, God's design for mankind was immediately changed.

Things were no longer the way he created them, and our fellowship with Him was entirely broken. But God is so merciful... He knew you would need a someone to save you, a Savior; and it would take one without sin to qualify as a sacrifice.

So God, in His great love, gave us the most amazing gift one could ever give, when He sent Jesus, who laid down His own life for you and, in doing so, reversed all that had been lost.  It is only through our trust in Jesus that we can have the relationship with God we were created to and truly enjoy His goodness.

We must receive Jesus as Savior, for without Him, we can't make it to heaven. We also declare Him as our Lord, daily choosing to follow in His ways and submit to the Word of God, laying aside our own plans for our life, and taking on the plan of God instead. 

If you have made this decision...Glory to God!!! The heavens are rejoicing, please drop us a line via our contact page or chat so we can celebrate with you also!